Wine & Dine medal

W&D medal

I recently saw this photo of the Wine & Dine Half Marathon medal in a runDisney twitter post. Love it!

The bright silver sheen, the pretty ribbon, the classic theme design. I think all of those elements will make it the prettiest medal on my holder.

I can’t wait for this trip!



Wicked WineI was signed up for 2 great runs this weekend, and I came down with a cold on Friday night. UGH!

It’s frustrating when we travel or there’s bad weather or I’m sick or I skip runs for other reasons. I’m not the world’s best runner, but I know that I feel better when I’m consistent.

My training for the runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon hasn’t gone as planned either, so I really need to log some serious miles over the next few weeks.

Maybe I should expand my repertoire a bit and add a few other types of exercise to replace running if needed.

Any suggestions?


Kiki & Tombo_2

We’re huge Miyazaki fans, so here we are as Kiki and Tombo, standing in front of the beautiful pond in Japan at Epcot. Such a gorgeous area!

I’m wearing navy shorts and shirt with red sandals, pieces that were already in my wardrobe. I bought the barrette, but that’s the only money I spent on my DisneyBound tribute to a precious movie, Kiki’s Delivery Service.

DisneyBounding is great fun. I aim to keep it simple and comfortable. Florida is a warm place! I also like to pay homage to some of my favorite Disney characters and movies, even if it’s less obvious than dressing as Minnie or one of the princesses.

Here are a few of my DisneyBound ensembles. I’ll post later on runDisney looks!
*Kuzco with a red shirt/khaki shorts/brown sandals/big turquoise earrings (didn’t get a good photo of that one)
*Smee with a striped shirt/jean shorts/brown sandals
*Fozzie (photo posted earlier) with a brown shirt/dark khaki shorts/polka dot tie (which I purchased oline for about $3)
*Kiki (above)
*Wall-E (photo posted earlier) with a yellow shirt/black&white striped skirt/black sandals/copper-colored accessories
*Olivia Flaversham with plaid skirt/gray skirt/brown shoes/pink hair bow
*Princess Leia with white shirt/white shorts/black shoes (below!)Leia & Han

The Muppets!

Eek! I just saw a tweet from @WaltDisneyWorld reminding me that The Muppets starts tomorrow at 7pm. I watched The Muppet Show every week when I was growing up!Fozzie & Kermit

I adore The Muppet Movie from 1979. And we love the new Muppet movies because we are also huge fans of Bret McKenzie who wrote most of the songs.

In honor of the new tv show, here’s a photo of me and the hubby DisneyBounding as our favorites, Fozzie and Kermit.

DisneyBounding is using items from your own wardrobe to interpret a character in a personal way.

Oftentimes when I shop now, I’m secretly thinking, would a shirt in this color also work for one of my favorite characters? No need to buy something extra: use what you’ve got! When you DisneyBound, you can choose your own favorite Disney movies or shows. I’ve dressed as Olivia from The Great Mouse Detective and Kuzco from The Emperor’s New Groove, two very underrated Disney movies. We were also recently dressed as Kiki and Tombo, but I’ll save that photo for another day!

Running accessories

Here are a few favorite tools that make my runs easier and more fun!

No run would be complete without using the Charity Miles app to earn money for an organization of my choice with every step I take.

I also use some other apps that track my progress and automatically play music when I run. Right now my favorite is RunKeeper.

I have finally found a pack that works for me. It holds my phone, has an opening for my headphones, and has a little more room in extra pockets for a key or cash/card. It’s called the rooSport. Love it! It snaps over my waist band and uses strong magnets to stay in place. I toss it in the washing machine as needed.Rice virtual run

I’ve also started using a foam roller to work on my sore spots. It’s awesome! I don’t use it regularly enough yet, but will. I wonder if I can find a way to pack it for my trip to Florida…

These photos are from one of our virtual half marathons. What a great day running past big oaks and a piece of the Berlin Wall!

Disney running

Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side! Yes, I registered, and yes, I’m taking the Dark Side Challenge. A 10k eeaarrrrrrrrrlllly one morning, and a half marathon E A R L Y the next day. I’m so excited!

I’m proud to say that I remember seeing the original Star Wars in the theatre, and every movie since then, of course. Definitely not the biggest SW fan, but a bit of a nerd.

So the opportunity to run in this inaugural SW event at my favorite park ~~WDW~~ makes me very happy.Dinosaur

Can’t find the picture of me DisneyBounding as Princess Leia, so for now, I’ve included a photo of me DisneyBounding as Wall-E, posing in front of Dinosaur.

I found DisneyBound on tumblr and think the idea of using your own clothes and accessories to interpret your favorite characters is brilliant! Thank you, DisneyBound, for all the great posts!

I’ll write more about some of our favorite DB outfits soon.

I also just checked on runDisney and realized that we are only 7 weeks (that’s 49 days) away from the Wine & Dine Half Marathon event. Yikes and yippee!

I check my Disney Experience account daily just to remind myself of our awesome resort and Fast Pass and magic band reservations. My sister and I personalized these bands with Blush and Bashful (if you love Steel Magnolias, you’ll understand).

SEVEN WEEKS! Time for my 30 minute run. See ya!

Blog changes

I’ve been writing a blog for a very brief amount of time. I’m taking the Blogging 101 class, but I have resisted some of the assignments.

I had some great ideas for my blog that I saved for a looooong time, and wasn’t ready to change my mind.

But when you give your brain and heart some time to ponder, you might become ready for change. I’m ready now. I even switched to a new theme! And I really liked the old theme. But it only had a sliding sidebar. Also, I LOVE Christmas.

I don’t think I can stick to my original plan of writing about a certain topic on a certain day every week. I just don’t have enough to say about curly hair. Or work outfits. Kindof seems like a silly idea now. And that’s ok! I’m cool with rethinking ideas and adapting.

Also, it would be good for me to strive for a bit more focus.

Making changes to my blog is similar to the experience of getting my curly hair cut. Nobody notices except me. I don’t have many followers, so probably nobody will notice that I updated my blog. And that’s copacetic.