Wine & Dine Weekend

We skipped the W&D weekend in 2016 so that we could experience a running adventure in Disneyland, and we thrilled to be back for this year’s events.



We used a wine theme for our 10k costumes (wore them for the shorter race since we didn’t really want to run 13.1 miles with grapes on our heads).




Our half marathon theme was tea cups and we had so many comments on these cute leggings from etsy.




Finally, the after-party was another opportunity to enjoy the food and wine festival, which we love. It was so nice to enjoy the rides without any lines, but it was a loooooong day.


RunDisney did a great job with everything that we experienced. Lines at the Expo were short, transportation was smooth, courses were fun, and the cast members were wonderful! We especially adore the Tower of Tower cast members who creepily directed us as we ran by.

P.S. We always enjoy having our first beer at the small kiosk outside the Expo. And we’re allowed to take it indoors, so bonus!

Next up: Our first time attending the WDW Marathon weekend! We’ll still run the 10k and Halfie, and since this isn’t an official challenge, we’ll just call it our Mickey Hands Challenge (to match our new leggings… photos will follow soon)!


Wine & Dine at last!

Wine_DineDespite a busy few months, my sister and I made it Orlando for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November! We had such a blast on our sister trip. Here are a few highlights.

Resort: We absolutely loved the Beach Club, mostly for its proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. The Beach Club rooms are bright and airy, and our balcony looked right out onto the lake. Great resort!

Expo: It was fine, but I’ve attended the music teacher conventions in Texas for many years, and it’s hard to top those. We visited some of our favorite vendors, but we were saving our $ for the parks. The line to get our packets was short, but the line for commemorative items was pretty long. We talked to some runDisney staff members who were aware of the problem and promised upcoming changes for future events.

Run: This was the part of the weekend that was unusual… The weather was mostly great and we wore shorts the whole time we were there. But on the night of the run, there was lightning in the area and the race was delayed for an hour, and therefore shortened to a 6.7 mile run. Disappointing, yes, but we were still so happy to be at Disney World again. Hanging out for an hour inside the Wide World of Sports was kindof fun. We got to see all the costumes up close. I really hope the guy in the head-to-toe thick fur outfit didn’t faint from heat exhaustion!

Parks: We made a family trip to WDW in June and were planning to run in November and April, so we purchased Annual Passes in June and have thoroughly enjoyed the benefits. On all of our previous family trips, we only went to 1 park/day. But with our APs (and the flexibility of moving around without 6 other people in tow), we were able to enjoy Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival each day. We ate almost all of our meals there! And we went to other parks each day for our favorite rides and other experiences.

Overall, I loved my experience and want to participate every year. I especially liked running at night and the (mostly) good weather. This was my first runDisney experience and they put on a great event. I do hope that they might consider adding a challenge to this weekend in the future.

I was in one of my favorite places with one of my favorite people, doing something together that we love and that challenges us. :))

Why do I run?

I was thinking about this question yesterday on my long run (10 miles – longest distance so far in my training for the Wine & Dine half marathon!).

Here are the reasons I started running about 1 year ago:
*to be healthier (it has been a very long time since I consistently used any form of exercise)
*to create opportunities to run with my sister (who has been running for 5 years or so)
*to participate in some fun races (a year ago, I wasn’t sure I could run a 5k, but then I did; I decided I could prepare for a 10k, which I ran; and I wondered whether or not I  could complete a half marathon – ran my first one in March of this year!)
*to run in Disney World!

I’m not worried about my time. Sometimes I refer to it just to prevent me from slacking. But I’m more interested in distance and the setting. Treadmills – no! Long, winding roads with trees and open skies – yesssssssss!

I work on math problems in my head while I run (does anyone else do this?) using distances. I think I used this trick to keep me from worrying about how short those first runs were, and how unhealthy I felt in the beginning. And the habit stuck.

Speaking of great settings for runs, 5 WEEKS til we’re running through Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival, past the Osborne Lights at Hollywood Studios, and near Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom!

Photo from Disney

Photo from Disney


Wicked WineI was signed up for 2 great runs this weekend, and I came down with a cold on Friday night. UGH!

It’s frustrating when we travel or there’s bad weather or I’m sick or I skip runs for other reasons. I’m not the world’s best runner, but I know that I feel better when I’m consistent.

My training for the runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon hasn’t gone as planned either, so I really need to log some serious miles over the next few weeks.

Maybe I should expand my repertoire a bit and add a few other types of exercise to replace running if needed.

Any suggestions?

Disney running

Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side! Yes, I registered, and yes, I’m taking the Dark Side Challenge. A 10k eeaarrrrrrrrrlllly one morning, and a half marathon E A R L Y the next day. I’m so excited!

I’m proud to say that I remember seeing the original Star Wars in the theatre, and every movie since then, of course. Definitely not the biggest SW fan, but a bit of a nerd.

So the opportunity to run in this inaugural SW event at my favorite park ~~WDW~~ makes me very happy.Dinosaur

Can’t find the picture of me DisneyBounding as Princess Leia, so for now, I’ve included a photo of me DisneyBounding as Wall-E, posing in front of Dinosaur.

I found DisneyBound on tumblr and think the idea of using your own clothes and accessories to interpret your favorite characters is brilliant! Thank you, DisneyBound, for all the great posts!

I’ll write more about some of our favorite DB outfits soon.

I also just checked on runDisney and realized that we are only 7 weeks (that’s 49 days) away from the Wine & Dine Half Marathon event. Yikes and yippee!

I check my Disney Experience account daily just to remind myself of our awesome resort and Fast Pass and magic band reservations. My sister and I personalized these bands with Blush and Bashful (if you love Steel Magnolias, you’ll understand).

SEVEN WEEKS! Time for my 30 minute run. See ya!