Wine & Dine Weekend

We skipped the W&D weekend in 2016 so that we could experience a running adventure in Disneyland, and we thrilled to be back for this year’s events.



We used a wine theme for our 10k costumes (wore them for the shorter race since we didn’t really want to run 13.1 miles with grapes on our heads).




Our half marathon theme was tea cups and we had so many comments on these cute leggings from etsy.




Finally, the after-party was another opportunity to enjoy the food and wine festival, which we love. It was so nice to enjoy the rides without any lines, but it was a loooooong day.


RunDisney did a great job with everything that we experienced. Lines at the Expo were short, transportation was smooth, courses were fun, and the cast members were wonderful! We especially adore the Tower of Tower cast members who creepily directed us as we ran by.

P.S. We always enjoy having our first beer at the small kiosk outside the Expo. And we’re allowed to take it indoors, so bonus!

Next up: Our first time attending the WDW Marathon weekend! We’ll still run the 10k and Halfie, and since this isn’t an official challenge, we’ll just call it our Mickey Hands Challenge (to match our new leggings… photos will follow soon)!