My other job as flight attendant for famous people

Sometimes they aren’t famous, so the title was misleading. But my contract work as a flight attendant on charter aircraft takes me to amazing places and introduces me to fascinating people. I went to Alaska 3 weeks ago!

At this point, I should mention:Alaska
-I am not a photographer
-this is not a photography blog
-I use my phone to take pictures
-I’ve dropped my phone a lot, and there are some weird
black spots on all of my pictures.

But really, Alaska is VAST and gorgeous. To see some awesome pictures, please look at posts by @POTUS or @JimGaffigan from this week.

So I’ve flown a troop of actors, an ensemble of musicians, a string of athletes, a contingent of politicians, a conglomeration of business execs, and my favorite – a host of families (I worked really hard on those synonyms!). My double-life as a private FA has been such a pleasure.

To wrap up this post, here’s a photo that one of pax posted from our plane last night: enjoy!



Here it goes. I’m starting a blog. I don’t even know the correct terminology to use, but I’m giving this a try.

I’ve thought about sharing a few ideas for a while now. If something resonates with me, then maybe it would be of interest to someone else… we’ll see.

I’ll probably write about:
*living with curly hair
*working as a substitute teacher (and deciding what to wear!)
*talking to teenaged daughters
*maintaining a loving marriage
*feeling inspired by music
*contracting as a flight attendant on private aircraft
*finding clever ways to spend time at DisneyWorld, and
*running in local races as well as runDisney events.

Hope you enjoy the posts to come!