They made it rain!

My kiddo is behind the scenes of an amazing production: Singin’ in the Rain. I adore the movie with Gene Kelley, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor, but this student cast/crew are equally amazing.Umbrellas

A days ago I saw a preview performance for some elementary students, and when the production crew made it rain, the audience exploded into applause!

I was proud of my kid and thoroughly entertained. My toe wouldn’t stop tapping, my face wouldn’t stop grinning. It’s a great show from beginning to end.

But when they made it rain… oh my. Those moments which create a true thrill are rare and special, and this was one of them.


Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans ~ John Lennon

Suggestions for subbing

Here are a few tips for working as a substitute. It can be a wild experience, but also so rewarding. I love wearing capris and cardigans when I teach since I never know if a building will be cold or hot, or if I’ll have to take kids to recess. So… layers.

#1 Find out if the teachers are having a jeans day. Very important! Throw a pair in your car just in case.

#2 Be willing to sub 1/2 days (more time to run your errands).

#3 Create a subbing bag. Mine has a list of songs to use as time-fillers, fun books to read/sing aloud, and “props” like a puppet. Sometimes I even bring my guitar.

#4 Become friends with the office staff. Secretaries and counselors and nurses are helpful in a wide variety of situations. And the secretaries may be the folks calling you to sub.

#5 Be firm with the students in the beginning to establish good expectations, but find a way to connect with them. Give rewards if they’ve done well, read a short book, play a quick game. Something that makes them say, we want her to sub again!

#6 Leave good notes for teachers. They really like to read feedback from subs.

#7 Get into the spirit. If they’re wearing their school shirts, or celebrating Go Texan day, or supporting the local professional team, dress accordingly. It’s fun! You can always wear the school colors if you don’t have a school t-shirt. And if it’s also a jeans day, then you hit the jackpot!

Blog changes

I’ve been writing a blog for a very brief amount of time. I’m taking the Blogging 101 class, but I have resisted some of the assignments.

I had some great ideas for my blog that I saved for a looooong time, and wasn’t ready to change my mind.

But when you give your brain and heart some time to ponder, you might become ready for change. I’m ready now. I even switched to a new theme! And I really liked the old theme. But it only had a sliding sidebar. Also, I LOVE Christmas.

I don’t think I can stick to my original plan of writing about a certain topic on a certain day every week. I just don’t have enough to say about curly hair. Or work outfits. Kindof seems like a silly idea now. And that’s ok! I’m cool with rethinking ideas and adapting.

Also, it would be good for me to strive for a bit more focus.

Making changes to my blog is similar to the experience of getting my curly hair cut. Nobody notices except me. I don’t have many followers, so probably nobody will notice that I updated my blog. And that’s copacetic.

Family changes

One of my little birds may be leaving the nest soon. So I’m asking myself: how will this redefine my family?

We’ve always dealt with frequent separations since we travel a lot, but this will be different. One of my kids is moving out.

Maybe the better question is: how can I reuse her room?!? Oh, I jest (maybe).

I think it comes down to the support we give one another, no matter where we happen to be standing. Through spoken and written words, inside jokes, shared ideas, and family stories. My hope is that we never forget to encourage each other.


Heard a great message today about the value of time. The tricky balancing act for me is in getting things done and still enjoying down time. I have respect for hard work AND for rest, but I sometimes focus too much on one or the other. Finding the balance… I’m constantly struggling with this.

For me, children are usually the reminder I need. I chatted with a 2-year-old in a coffee shop this week. We were sharing our reflections about the rain we experienced that morning. This beautiful little person reminded me to enjoy raindrops on my face and puddles in my path. Thank you, little pink-shoed sage.

Less waste

One of my personal goals is to create less waste, and my focus lately has been on the items I use in the school cafeteria. I’ve ordered some handy bento-type boxes (w/attached utensils) that I plan to take everywhere, along with a bandanna, so that I don’t use plastic forks, paper napkins, or, the worst of all culprits, a styrofoam container.

I’ll wash my items at home and take them with me again the next day.

Sure hope the cafeteria staff don’t mind putting food in my personal container. If they do, I’ll bring my guitar and try to charm them with the lunch lady song!